January 28, 2021

A Perfect Guide to Shree Ram Navami 2020 with date and significance

                  Celebrate Ram Navami 2020 an auspicious Day in India

Celebrate India – Ram Navami 2020 on 2nd April this year.If you travel long enough and far enough in India you Will eventually come to realize like I have that our culture and heritage are so intertwined and influenced by our history and especially mythology that it becomes difficult to figure out where one starts and the other ends. The complexity is compounded by the fact that we have millions Of gods and goddesses and they, in turn, have hundreds Of millions Of stories that permeate through our collective consciousness as Indians, even today.

 We don’t even have to strain ourselves even to find the truth in this statement, all we have to do is look at all the festivals we celebrate around the year. certainly Ram Navami is one of the Famous which is celebrate in India and ofcourse in Ayodhya (up).

1) When Ram Navami celebrate in india and why

Ram Navami is one such festival that is celebrated throughout India and as the name ‘Navami suggests, it’s a ninth day after navratre(goddess Durga). It marks the birth of Lord Ram Who took birth to vanquish the demon king Ravana at the behest of the Devas. There are countless temples dedicated to Lord Rama throughout the world but there are a few that really stand out.

2) Lord Ram Temple and also something about their Birth Place

 Lord Ram took Birth in Ayodhya and he is one of the elder Son of Dashrath ji. That time as I read in many religious books that almost every person on earth and even devtas in the heaven celebrate his birth by lightened up so many colourful lights .That time Ayodhya was  the very Rich Empire on the entire earth.

3) Ayodhya Verdict

But later in Mughal era almost 400 years ago Mughal come and destroyed many Hindu Temples Somnath temple (12 time looted by muslim ruler) and Mathura temple and so the Ram temple in Ayodhya also broke down or rebuild in masjid.so after Mughal era Ended and mainly after 1947 people in india started to push government to made Lord Ram temple again but due to democratic country muslim filled fir and the case gone to supreme court nut now after 73 year in 2020 supreme court orderd to made a Temple on that place again.

I personally believe that this is a right decision as we all know Sanatan Dharma is only one which is oldest on this earth and even many researchers told us about whatever in Snatan granth is not a myth its true ,like they even found hastinapur (where pandvas and kaurvas were lived),they also found Lord Krishna nagri .If I am going to start writing about all it ll take almost nine month to complete or even more than that.so Iam happy that at last again Shree Ram Temple start built in Ayodhya .

4) Raghunath Temple Jammu

The second temple I am going to Write about is Raghunath Temple in Jammu .it is one of the  great temple in india there  are so many sagnificent structures in the Raghunath Temple  which is located in the heart of the Jammu city in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Jammu is also known as the city of temples and this is certainly its little bit crown jewel. It’s one Of the largest temple complexes in northern India. It houses an impressive collection of (some of them really huge) of all major Hindu gods and goddesses.

It’s also popular for its wall paintings that depict the life of Lord Rama and Krishna. And for the scholarly types, its library houses one of the best collections of rare Sanskrit manuscripts in India. In short, a few hours With a knowledgeable guide inside the temple are equivalent to a crash course in Indian mythology. As I had expected, the temple came alive during the festival Of Ram Navami and was decorated spectacularly and so was the market right outside the temple.

The nine-day period is also known as Navratras and the Akhand Paath (recital) of the entire epic of Ramayana (the story of Lord Rama) takes place during this time. Apart from this, follows the usual pattern of all major Hindu festivities with lots of religious songs, dance, prayers, and fasting. Free food is also distributed to the devotees and I must say that even though the food is prepared in huge quantities, it’s finger-licking good.i love Raghunath Temple and pay my visit to this Ram temple whenever i got time.so if you want to see wallpaper of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama then click on this link and you ll see new 2020 wallpaper of GOD. https://hdphonewallpaper.com/god-wallpaper/

So all in all lord Ram birth celebrate with love in india and even in abroad where Indian Community reside.so Happy Ram Navami to all.

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